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A Word from Our President

"THE NICHOLAS GROUP (Formerly Chillura Associates, Inc.) was created in 1982 with the objective of providing the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and power industries, as well as other major capital and maintenance programs, with retained, ever evolving, and always available expertise to effectively plan, execute, and commission capital plant and maintenance programs in a worldwide arena.

"Reality teaches us that embarking on new capital plant or modernization programs brings with it serious cost exposure that can be significantly minimized with exemplary project leadership. When considering the volatile nature of the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and power industries, THE NICHOLAS GROUP offers an exceptional body of knowledge totally dedicated to preserving, refining, expanding, and transferring this highly unique expertise.

"Many firms may offer project management expertise, but only one focuses 100% of its efforts on performing these services. We can mobilize and manage specialists with impeccable credentials who are accustomed to working together and are proactive by nature. They think like owners, and work faster, smarter, and thoroughly.

"THE NICHOLAS GROUP provides clients with a family of experts that bring the associated benefits of synergy, efficiency, creativity, accuracy, and impressive results. We value each client's objectives as if they were our own, which in reality, they are. For dedication, commitment and value, isn't it time you contacted THE NICHOLAS GROUP.  We would feel privileged and welcome the opportunity to help you achieve success."

—Anthony N. Chillura, President

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